Enggar & Associates - Indonesia
Enggar & Associates has been formed in the year of 2002. the founder was Ms. Ngesti Inggarnasih (Nunuk as a Nickname) which in the 1987 with four of her colleague at Indonesian lions club was formed Nupomina & Associates and she rolled as its President.

Nupomina & Associates in the year 2000 has changed its name to Dwiwirya & Associates. During that time there was no activities because of the busy work of the member to which finally created a new association known Enggar and Associates.

At the beginning, Enggar & Associates has 35 dancer and traditional musicians as a member, but now there are 97 members all together.

Since in 1987 has showing its existence in the global by performing their group in countries such as Australia, Korea, China, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Holland, France, Malaysia, and Singapore
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