Fundacion Aje, Zulia Region of Venezuela - Venezuela
Fundacion Aje of Argentina was initiated since 1965 but was officially registered in February 1991. It is deeply rooted at the capital city of Maracaibo of Zulia Region, located east of Venezuela. The region is well-known for the traditions of communities living around the Maracaibo Lagoon.

The objective of the foundation is to preserve and disseminate the intangible heritage of the peoples of Zulianidad Region at local, municipal, regional, national and international levels. Other objective involves the organization of various annual traditional music and dance festivals for all facets of peoples including children.

The foundation also conducts research and documentation of Venezuela tangible and intangible heritage. Since 1983 till 2004, the foundation had produced 12 publications related to its objectives.

The manifestation of the foundation’s performing groups since 1965 has been rooted from the African music, song and dance of communities residing in region of Zulia, Merida, Trujilo, Falcon, Lara, Yaracuy, Carabobo and many more regions, including Portuguesa Region, Colombia Region in the east and, Bolivar and Amacuro Delta in the east . African slaves were brought into this region hundreds of century ago.

The foundation associates itself with various groups of performers including ballet, folk music and dance and not least the tambor (drum) groups. As at 2000, there are 220 education centers that are homes of various performing arts groups including 184 traditional and ethnics dance group in Venezuela.

For this world drum festival, Venezuela is represented by a 14 member traditional and ethnic drum ensemble of performers, dancers and singers. The musical instruments presented and to be played are “Tambor Mayor, Tamborito, Respondon, Cantante, 1ra Requinta, 2da Requinta, Media Requinta, Maracas, Flauta and Bandera”
Note: Participation of groups are subject to change without notice.


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