Kottsu - Japan
This is a Japanese traditional drum team established in 1996. It is team of drummers and drum collections specially known the north Nagoya-shi region of Japan. The team now consists of 28 members representing various age groups, from junior high school students and those up to 60 years old drummers.

The ensemble displays lively and cheerful with a lot of noise just like some hungry peoples who had waited for so long but could get their food on time. There are many variations of noises these peoples or drummers can produced, may it be from a single, double, triplet and multiple drums. It is capable of producing a short play, a picture-story and noises, where the audiences are pleased and delighted to hear. Ones should enjoy the style of plays, postures, passions, heartbeats and energies displayed of the drummers.

The major global event involving this ensemble was during the global sport competition held in Taiwan in November 2000 where the performance involves exchanges of drummers from other participating countries. In March 2005, the ensemble had the honor to perform at the EXPO Dome during the World Exposition held in Aichi Japan. In April 2005, the ensemble took part in events held in Athens and Mykonos Island in the Aegean Seas.

It is the ambition and realization of the KOTTSU Japanese Traditional Drum Team to provide guidance, pass on their experience and expertise to children, coaching them to play and perform in local and international events.

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