Pathun Thani Nantamuneebamroong School - Thailand
The musical culture of the Thais mostly plays around the percussion music where various version, size and dimension of drums were used. The beats of drums are in incomplete without the soul and movement of dances of the beautiful maidens dressing with the traditional Thai classical costumes.

CIOFF Thailand has recommended the Pathun Thani Nantamuneebamroong School to represent Thailand. The performances of this group represent the way of life of the local people such as culture, tradition and the play.

The main musical instrument is long drum known as “Klong Yao”. Thus the group is also know as Wong Klong Yao or “Long Drum Troupe”. The performances not only include dances but also male performers/drummers standing on the shoulders of the other performers in order to make the body as high as possible and at the same time they dance and play drums. The troupe for this festival brought along eight performances for the pleasure and the enjoyment of the audiences.

The troupe had scored may first in various competition such as National Level Performance in 1993 to 1998, Crown Princess Cup in 2000, Crown Princess Cup (Long Drum Category) 2001, Secondary National and Private School Competition 2001, Mass Media Presentation For Outstanding Performance of Thailand Central Region, 2000-2001 and Long Drum Contest organized by National Culture Centre in 2005-2006.
Note: Participation of groups are subject to change without notice.


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