Rhythm Masala - Singapore
Rhythm Masala, Top Fusion Percussion Group in Singapore, holders of the Guinness World of Records for 50hrs of Non-Stop Drumming Marathon at the Awesome Africa Music Festival, Durban South Africa.

Rhythm Masala has a strong following in their native Singapore and their founder and principal drummer, Paskaran Sreekaram is acknowledged to be one of the finest world class percussionists to come out of the island state.

A combustible Fusion drumming of Brazilian Samba meets Latin Fire. Be blown away at the World Drum Festival by this 6 member multi-talented percussionist. The crazy drummers who can withstand 3 days of continuous drumming, against all odds weather, sleepless nights and such, will perform a power-packed International Percussion Performance.
Note: Participation of groups are subject to change without notice.


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